A Collector’s Paradise

I was always somewhat of a quiet child, often found removing cobwebs from old books. Hence sports were never at the forefront of my mind, in fact the very essence of them bored me. But one fateful day in 1989 all of that changed. 

You see my father was perhaps the world’s biggest Mariners fan at the time, a franchise that had become deeply accustomed to the bitter taste of defeat. Quite simply, they were awful. My father, though, kept barking on and on about some new stud making his way through the minors, Griffey something? Well I didn’t care, but my father drug me out to opening day and on our way to the ballpark my father stopped and got me some baseball cards, something my grandfather had done for him in the past. So I opened them up, thoroughly unimpressed, and right as I’m about to shove them in my pocket I hear my dad scream, “Was that Griffey?!” Lo and behold there is a signed rookie card from the one and only Ken Griffey Jr. While this meant nothing to me at the time, I quickly noticed just how ecstatic my father was- here’s a normally stoic man sounding like a kid in a candy store. From that moment on I always tried to recreate that smile on my father’s face, and I did that through buying more and more baseball cards.

Almost 30 years later nothing has changed. Once a week I purchase a brand new set and rush over to my now elderly father’s house, treating each pack as a potential treasure. We have our own room for the thousands of cards we have collected, often dubbed by friends as a “Collector’s Paradise.” Over the years we have stumbled upon such beauties as a 1954 Ted Williams and a rookie Derek Jeter, as well as an army of no-name players.

So here I am, Richard Thomas, keen on sharing my love of collecting baseball cards and even keener to show off our  entire collection. I want this site to become the mecca of collectors, a place for all to discuss and admire the timelessness of our favorite hobby. Whether you’re starting to amass a few cards or have rooms full like my father and I, I really hope you will find this site entertaining and helpful.

If you want to get in contact  to talk about our favorite cards, or maybe ask me some questions- please reach out to me here! I love nothing more than sharing my passion with others. And if you’re ever in Eagle River, AK, come see our wonderful compendium in person!